Human Rights are a guiding principle and a responsibility that must be shared by the Government, civil societies and individuals alike.

In this dynamic era of change, the Kingdom of Bahrain has endeavoured to implement qualitative decisions on aspects of human rights concepts, principles and mechanisms. Protecting the rights of the individual is a prime priority that has required us to invest in all possible means and resources to safeguard life, dignity and provide all basic requirements to strengthen the foundations of our community.

Our focus has been to build a modern State that welcomes advancement and progress of society. The same view has also been embodied in Bahrain’s 2030 Economic Vision, which aims to achieve the utmost at the economic, Governmental and social levels. This vision will be manifested through the development of the individual, who is by all respects, the pillar on which the prosperity of the State would be founded.

This Progress Report summarizesthe implementation of Bahrain’s UPR recommendations, voluntary commitments and pledges for 2010. It represents the milestones and achievements of the past two years. However, our efforts will continue beyond 2012, when the next Universal Periodic Review is due. Our vision is to impact the next generation who will remember the genesis of a journey towards a better tomorrow.